Monday, April 29, 2019

Irvine Ranch Conservancy

I had the privilege to paint with a few fellow artists out in the Irvine Ranch Conservancy.  We drove out in a safari truck all packed up with our gear, anxious to get out to the places that are usually closed to the public.
It was a lovely day and a wonderful way to spend it.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Trip to Hearst Castle

Me catching up to the others

Relief sculpture

Beautiful Art Deco Scuplture

Painted Ceiling in the Game Room

Exterior Detail

Mosaic Detail on Ceiling at Indoor Pool

The Mosaic Pool Floor 

A brisk winter day, but loved seeing and honing in on some of the decorative details at Hearst Castle while visiting out niece at SLO.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Year, New Work

Happy 2019 to you!

May you enjoy the freshness of new beginnings, and may this be a fantastic year for you!

"Laguna Agave"
24" x 24"
oil on canvas

available at:
Elizabeth Benefield Interior Design

                    On a perfect still, warm and early fall evening on a romantic date in Laguna Beach, heading toward the
                  Rooftop Lounge to watch the sunset while enjoying my company, we walked down to take in the view.
                  Immediately I saw this square composition and did a quick sketch with some notes taking a photo and
                  later produced this painting in my studio with amorous memories.

"Salt Creek"
23" x 28"
oil on canvas

Available at:
Elizabeth Benefield
(714)  798-2555

Painting plein air during the annual Paint San Clemente week on a blustery Spring afternoon in Dana Point,
I was set up off the walkway while holding my easel steady in against the wind.  A classroom of grade schoolers walked behind me.  Some kept walking by continuing conversation with friends while others stood back and watched with attention encouraging me with their amazement and delight. There is no greater incentive to persevere through the elements when spurred on by such an audience.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas

This painting is for the cover of Sonbranch Music's "The Greatest Gift".
It's a beautiful song written by Eric Solhgren, words by Joseph Konleczny, vocals by Natale Somma, and produced by John Andrew Schreiner.

May you be inspired, blessed and receive the Greatest Gift!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Open Road

"Open Road"
30" x 30 "
oil on canvas

Available at Elizabeth Benefield Interior Design
(714) 708-2555

This was inpired by a road trip in the Santa Barbara Wine Country in Los Olivos.  It is a wonderful place of inspiration and beauty and of course, wine tasting.
"Open Road" was also a moment in time when the sun was going behind the coastal mountains and my husband and I were out and about driving gazing at the open land with freedom to our souls and possibilities behind every turn.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fun In The Sun

oil on canvas
14" x 11"

oil on canvas
14" x 11"

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

My nieces so graciously and lovely modeled for me at Aliso Beach, CA

Friday, June 15, 2018

Recent Paintings

These are some new paintings available at Elizabeth Benefield Interior Design in Costa Mesa, CA at the Stonemill Deisgn Center.

40" x 30"
oil on canvas

"Peaceful Place"
24" x 18"
oil on canvas

"View from Salvador"
20" x 20"
oil on canvas
plein air 

"Water's Edge"
24" x 30"
oil on canvas

"Vintage Crystal Cove"
12" x 16"
oil on board
plein air

bottom left
"By the Bridge"
14" x 11"
oil on canvas
plein air

bottom right
"Laguna Wilderness Park"
14" x 11"
oil on canvas
plein air

"Warm Overcast"
22" x 26"
oil on canvas